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High Frequency Training Overview

Pick one workout that you'll train everyday, like pull-ups or push-ups.

Follow your typical training strategy at the gym, but hit this added exercise each and every single day complying with the regulations and progression plan listed below.

Begin High Frequencey Training with Less Than You Believe You Need

If you neglect everything else regarding HFT, keep in mind policy # 1 since it's the key element-- you're much better off feeling like the very first few weeks of a targeted HFT plan high frequency training with ringsare also very easy.

On January 5, 2011, I launched a six-month long day-to-day pull-up journey. The day I began, I did 5 pull-ups from the bar I had hanging in my doorway. The next day I did 6 reps.

I could have easily done 20 reps at once, yet I really did not. I remained in it for the long haul and I had currently discovered my lesson by doing excessive too soon. On July 1 of that year I did 182 pull-ups spread throughout the day. The day prior to I did 181 reps. The day before that it was 180 reps.

Yet I had definitely no pain or joint pain during those final days. The factor was since I invested 6 months gradually building up to that quantity.

When you check out my brand-new regulations of a targeted HFT strategy, I understand you'll believe you could start with more representatives, but as my Russian gymnastics instructor wants to state in his thick accent, "Even if you can doesn't suggest you should."
Right here's what to do:

Start with an exercise that you can do for 12-22 reps while fresh. Allow's state you can do 13 straight pull-ups. Split that complete right into two sets, as evenly as feasible: in this instance, 1x7 and also 1x6. That's the amount of associates you ought to do on day 1.

The following day add an additional rep. So you'll do two sets of 7 reps. Spread those lay out as far as possible. It's best to do one embeded in the morning as well as one at night.

This will not appear necessary in the early days when the quantity is reduced, once you maintain including representatives day in day out and also get to 60 representatives or even more it ends up being invaluable and necessary to spread the collections throughout the day.

Select the Right Exercises and also Use Perfect Strategy as Part of High Frequency Training Program

Carry out every rep with best kind. There's no justification for careless method when you're doing fifty percent as lots of representatives per collection as you actually could be doing.

List of the Top High Frequency Training Workouts

Here's a list of some of the top workouts to make use of for the HFT technique described in Guideline # 1. Whatever exercise you pick ought to be eliminated from your current training program (the one you carry out in the fitness center).

Pull-ups for HFT

Ideally, do them from rings. If rings typically aren't an alternative, use a hammer hold (hands encountering each other). If you want bigger arms, make use of the narrowest hammer hold possible.


Any variant will certainly work. For better triceps development, do a ruby push-up. If overall shoulder growth is your goal, do the judo push-up (also known as divebomber) or handstand push-up.


Execute them from rings ideally. If not, be extremely stringent with your type and only use parallel bars. Never ever do the variation with your hands placed behind you on a bench or chair. Keep in mind that dips are out-of-bounds for any person with AC shoulder joint issues.


Any variation will function. I like a reverse lunge or lunge with the rear foot on a slider.
Single-leg squat: Any variation is fine. Most guys don't have the flexibility to do HFT for the gun, so a single-leg squat off a raised surface is typically fine.

Single-leg deadlift

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, or in the hand reverse from the leg that's functioning. Constantly err on the lighter side when selecting the appropriate lots.

Stick To High Frequency Training Longer than You Believe You Could

While HFT is one of the most reliable strategy for fast muscle mass growth, also the fastest development comes slowly. When your key objective is hypertrophy you should be high frequency training pdf thinking in months, not weeks.

I desire a 30-day solution as much as you do, however that's often not reasonable. When I did the six-month HFT prepare for the pull-up, my finest gains came within the last 2 months. It definitely wasn't simple to constantly locate time to spread 100 or even more pull-ups throughout the day, however it deserved it!

So how long should you stay on an HFT strategy? As long as it requires to obtain the size you desire from the muscles you're training.

You might reach it in 8 weeks, or it could take four months. Maintain it as well as look after your soft cells. Switch over up the workout variation if you require a change of speed.

Currently, if you stay on a targeted HFT prepare for say, the pull-up, for numerous months, you could specify where you don't have sufficient time to finish your rep objective for the day. Let's say that number is 80 reps. If you feel that's your limit for readily available time, maintain doing 80 associates each day.

The technique making sure those 80 reps keep adding muscular tissue is to end up those 80 representatives in fewer collections. Make that your new challenge over the next couple of months during your high frequency training workouts.

high frequency training for hypertrophy

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Frequently Asked Questions About Muscle Building

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

No. All of the workouts require nothing more than your body weight and basic weights such as kettlebells, dumbells or a barbell. Rings are also part of this program, but they're not required since alternative exercises are outlined.

Q: Will this workout program take a lot of time each week?

Absolutely not. There are four full-body workouts per week that each take around 45 minutes. And the targeted HFT2 plans for each major muscle group only take minutes a day and require little to no equipment.

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Are you ready to get double the muscle growth in half the time? Then check out this high frequency training program by clicking here http://HighFrequencyTraining.com

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